PINNIPED VERTEBRA, Kivalina, Alaska (Jesus Landin-Torrez III), SENEGAL COLLECTION, Dakar, Senegal (Matt Swagler), PATCH, Anvers Island, Antarctica (Micalea Neus)


A People's Archive of Sinkng and Melting is a collection of materials contributed by people living in places that may disappear because of the combined physical, political, and economic impacts of climate change, primarily sea level rise, erosion, desertification, and glacial melting.

As of 2015, the archive includes contributions from Anvers Island (Antarctica), Cape Verde, Greenland, Kivalina (Alaska), Nepal, New Orleans, Panama, New York City, Peru, Senegal, and Tuvalu.

Together, through common but differentiated collections, these contributions form an archive of what will have been.

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A People's Archive seeks contributions to form a new Denmark Collection, and contributions from climate migrants now living in Denmark.

The archive will be open for contributions at Kunsthal Aarhus, Denmark from June 26 onward.


Any item is equally valuable as a record of a sinking or melting place, as contributed by someone who lives there. Your contribution can be something natural, manufactured, found, made, or discarded, including trash. It doesn't have to originate from that place - it can be anything that is there. Your submitted object will be permanently archived with with the information you send and the location's UNFCCC Party Grouping.

Your contribution must weigh less than 1/2 lb. The archive will not accept items with import/export prohibitions.













1. FILL OUT the contribution form below and email it to: registrar (at)

Item name:
Contributed by:
Lat/Long (if available):
Date Collected:
How location is impacted by climate change (sinking/melting/desertification, etc.):

2. MAIL or BRING contributions to:

A People's Archive of Sinking and Melting
c/o Kunsthal Aarhus
J.M. Mørks Gade 13
DK-8000 Aarhus C Denmark
T: +45 8620 6050




2. SUBMIT any 8MB or smaller .jpg images to: registrar (at) sinkingandmelting dot org


Do you live where the object came from? If not, what is your relation to that place?

What have you seen disappear there, environmentally or otherwise? What do those disappearances mean?

What is your relationship to the object(s) you contributed?

Why did you contribute to the archive? What do you hope for your contribution, and the archive generally, to change or draw attention to?


Email co-registrars Amy Balkin and Cassie Thornton at: registrar (at)